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Master Labour Law and Employment Relations

The Department of Labour Law and Social Policy (Prof.dr. M.S. Houwerzijl) coordinates the master Labour Law and Employment Relations (MSc). The master integrates labour law, labour market and human resource management from an international and European perspective.

The growing importance and number of multi-national enterprises as well as an increase in international employability call for a new type of specialist that is able to cope with international and comparative labor issues from a variety of perspectives. This is particularly true for the European Union’s internal market in which complex legal and policy relations arise.

Therefore, in this English Master's program you will:

  • Gain interdisciplinary and international knowledge and skills.
  • Combine courses in the field of International Labour Law with courses in the fields of Human Resources Studies and Social Policy.
  • Learn to understand and analyze evolving employment relationships and contemporary organizational dynamics in internationalizing labour markets.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the individual and collective labour law systems governing the different markets.
  • Apply the theory in real-world practice. An internship is part of the curriculum.

More information

The following specialized master courses are taught in English, they are available for all students and particularly interesting for students of Dutch, European and International Law:

  • European Labour Law and Social Policy
  • Transnational Labour Law
  • Comparative Labour Law
  • International Labour Law and Globalisation