Department European and International Public Law

European and International Public Law

EIP examines how globalization is evolving in different ways the European and International legal orders

Cross-border problems, rules and institutions now affect our everyday lives as never before. The department of European and International Public Law (EIP) is focused on the legal and policy challenges that globalization produces for the evolving International and European legal orders. We conduct research into the different ways globalization and cross-border challenges: raise questions about legal axioms such as public/private or domestic/foreign; empower and disempower different state and non-state actors; produce new arrangements of “legal” rule across Europe and globally; structure new global patterns of inequality and welfare; and arouse passionate debates over the appropriate legal, political, and environmental vision for our communities. EIP boasts a highly international and interdisciplinary team of legal experts, and notably offers 7 areas of general expertise in teaching and research: (1) EU Law; (2) International Law; (3) Environmental Law; (4) Global Law and Development; (5) Human Rights; (6) International Relations; and (7) Legal Philosophy.

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