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LTMS awarded funding for 6 year research program, new vacancies

Published: 16th July 2019 Last updated: 17th September 2019

LTMS has received a significant research grant from the ministry of Education in the context of the Sectorplan Rechtsgeleerdheid, which provides a large stimulus to boost legal research in the Netherlands. All Dutch law schools are on board on one or two of the research themes outlined in the sectorplan. LTMS has produced a plan for the theme 'Digital Legal Studies' entitled 'From Regulating Human Behavior to Regulating Data'. The program involves 9 sub-projects to be run by 4 PhD students, 5 PostDocs (each for 2 years) and matching from existing senior staff.

The first 4 vacancies are out now:

1. The impact of data and AI systems within the legal system; PhD

2. Integrating AI into the human-centric legal system: PostDoc

3. Competitive Advantage in the Digital Platform Economy: PhD

4. Which concepts are suitable to capture privacy protection in regulation, to adequately protect trust and identity in the context of data-driven technologies?: PostDoc

LTMS will also be the coordinator of the four Legal Digital Studies teams (TiU, Radboud University Nijmegen, Maastricht University, and University of Amsterdam). For this, we will appoint a coordinator. Part of the joint efforts is an annual conference by the four programs.