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Pieter Huisman reappointed to Education Council

Published: 24th October 2022 Last updated: 05th December 2022

Prof. Pieter Huisman, professor of Education Law at Tilburg Law School, has been reappointed to the Education Council for four years from January 2023. The Council of Ministers has agreed to this, the Education Council announced on Oct. 21, 2022.

An independent nomination advisory committee issued a nomination for 11 members to the ministers after selecting from 230 candidates. The members will be appointed by the Crown in their personal capacity for a four-year term. Cor van Montfort, a research fellow at TLS, was also reappointed, as was chair Edith Hooge, professor of educational governance at TIAS / Tilburg University.

Education Council

The Education Council is independent and committed to good education for all. The council has been advising the Dutch government and the parliament on education policy and legislation for over one hundred years.

The advices are based on scientific knowledge and insights as knowledge and experience from the field of education. They deal with all forms of education: from pre-school facilities to post-university education and lifelong development.

Pieter Huisman works at Tilburg Law School on the increasing importance of the individual right to education as reflected in concepts such as "inclusive education" or "lifelong development". He also studies the effect of that individual right to education on the position of boards, teachers, parents and students.

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