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Prof. Hans Gribnau winner of Jaap van den Berge Literature Prize of Stichting NLFiscaal

Published: 03rd December 2021 Last updated: 28th July 2022

Tax Law Professor Hans Gribnau has been awarded the Jaap van den Berge Literature Prize. This prize, initiated by the Stichting NLFiscaal, is yearly awarded to an author who has contributed significantly to the legal development of tax law. The award ceremony has been postponed due to the corona restrictions.

This year the jury of Stichting NLFiscaal looked for an author who can restore the mutual trust between stakeholders in the tax field. These stakeholders should leave their trenches and jointly strive for tax justice. Hans Gribnau was awarded the prize because as an independent academic observer he puts the 'tax battle' in a broader framework of debate, carefulness and reciprocity.

On the occasion of the award Hans Gribnau gave this interview (in Dutch) to NLFiscaal.