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Professor Ingrid Leijten joins The Young Academy

Published: 13th December 2022 Last updated: 13th December 2022

Tilburg Law School constitutional law professor Ingrid Leijten is one of ten new members to join The Young Academy in 2023, the Academy announced. Leijten plans to commit herself to the communication of scientific findings to raise awareness of how a constitutional state functions.

De Jonge Akademie is a platform within the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) of 50 researchers from different disciplines who have proven themselves in their fields. It organizes activities in the areas of interdisciplinarity, science policy and the interface between science and society. Its members are outstanding scientists working at a Dutch university and/or research institute who obtained their PhD after April 1, 2013. An appointment is for five years and ten members flow in and out each year.

Prof. Ingrid Leijten LLM MA studies the changing role and meaning of fundamental rights against the background of broader issues such as legitimacy of government intervention, distribution of powers, the extent to which citizens' interests are reflected in politics (representation) and trust in government. In doing so, she looks at both classic fundamental rights, such as freedom of expression and the right to privacy, and social fundamental rights, such as the right to social security or health care. Leijten is also committed to raising awareness of how a state based on the rule of law functions.

The installation of the new members of the Young Academy will take place on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. From Tilburg, Professor of International Data Governance Linnet Taylor has also been a member of The Young Academy since 2020.