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The Program Committees

The Program Committees advise the Law School Board on all kinds of matters concering education. They discuss the quality of education based on the course evaluations, they give advice on the Education and Examination Regulations, and they are generally involved in important changes proposed by the Law School Board. Each study program has their own Program Committee, consisting of lecturers and students.

Bachelor's programs

Public Governance

Bestuurskunde (Dutch program)

V.L. Leijtens LLB MSc Lecturer member 
Zainib Karimjee Student member

Public Governance

V.L. Leijtens LLB MSc Lecturer member
Ineke van der Hoeven Student member
Fiscal Law (Dutch program)

Mr. dr. G.M.C.M. Staats

Lecturer member
Claire de Wit Lecturer member
Global Law
Dr. M. den Hollander Lecturer member
Suzette Eva Verbeek

Student member

Law (Dutch program)


Mr. W. Nieuwesteeg Lecturer member
Jody Iza Esveldt Student member

Specialization: Business Law

Mr.dr. D.J.B.  Op Heij Lecturer member
Keanu Game Student member

Master's programs

Fiscal Law (Dutch program)
Mr. dr. G.M.C.M. Staats Lecturer member
Mats Dijkstra Student member
International Business Law
Vacant Lecturer member
Caitlin ten Hove Student member
International Business Taxation Law
Mr. dr. G.M.C.M. Staats Lecturer member
Tim Edelhoff Student member
International & European Law
Dr. L.K. Grover Lecturer member
Ariel Teo Student member
Labour Law and Employment Relations
Irmgard Borghouts Lecturer member
Juliet van Kasteren Student member
Law & Technology
Tineke Boer Lecturer member
David Vissers Student member
Business Law (Dutch program)
Prof. dr. C.F. van der Elst Lecturer member
Annelein de Kruijf Student member
Public Governance
Vacant Lecturer member
Nadine Janssen Student member
Law (Dutch program)
Mr. S. Ourahma Lecturer member
Laurien Broeders

Student member