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Just published: Book on social protection in the platform economy

Published: 28th October 2021 Last updated: 25th July 2022

With the rise of work platform companies for services such as meal delivery and passenger transport, the number of workers without adequate social protection is also increasing.

This first Dutch-language publication on the subject, which came about with the support of Instituut Gak, provides a broad overview of bottlenecks to social protection as a result of platformisation and algorithmization of work. Several pressing topics are covered, including:

  •  case law on qualification of platform workers (e.g. Deliveroo): employee or self-employed?
  • labor law issues surrounding 'job stackers' (hybrid workers);
  • social security in platform work (towards employment-neutral social security?);
  • private law (im)possibilities of offering social protection to platform workers;
  • competition law as obstacle or opportunity for collective bargaining for or by self-employed workers;
  • the use of algorithms in employment and in application procedures;
  • risks and opportunities of location-independent online (platform) work.

From a rgeat number of new insights, it emerges that more coherence and synergy between jurisdictions is needed to provide adequate social protection in the changing world of work.

The book offers valuable information for lawyers working in legal practice as well as in government and other policy-making or policy-influencing organizations, such as trade unions and employer organizations.

More information and a free download (in Dutch)