Education Department Criminal Law

Education Department of Criminal Law

The Criminal Law department makes an important contribution to the LLB Law (in Dutch) and the Global Law Bachelor (in English). The department also provides the tarck Criminal Law in the LLM Law (in Dutch).

Our broad and current knowledge in the fields of criminal law and criminal procedure; criminology; migration; forensic psychiatry and digitalization plays an important role in education. The department emphasizes the importance of educational innovation for example by incorporating serious gaming in several courses. Our teachers are closely involved in for instance the Top Class and the TLS Moot Court.

We also regularly invite external speakers to our courses: national and international practitioners and academics offer guest lectures in several courses.

Contract Education

The department also offers contract education for instance for partners in the criminal justice chain and inspection agencies.

Contract courses may in principle be offered in any field of criminal law. The department of Criminal Law for example provides thematic seminars on current legal issues for the courts, the public prosecution service, law firms and the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets.