Fiscale Institute Tilburg

Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT)

The Fiscal Institute Tilburg (FIT) is a joint academic institution of the Department of Tax Economics (DTE) of Tilburg School of Economics and management (TISEM) and the Department of Tax Law (DTL) of Tilburg Law School (TLS). Our staff of approximately 70 members makes FIT one of the largest tax departments in Europe. Due to our multidisciplinary nature, research, education and outreach activities benefit from synergies of both departments.

Team up with our research activities

Through this strong synergetic cooperation quality benefits are realized, which is enhance our research in wide areas of taxation (i.e. domestic tax law, European and International tax law, tax assurance, public finance, taxation of family businesses, tax legal theory, etc.), but also our educational programs, which are ranked as top in class (i.e. BSc Fiscale Economie, MScs Fiscale Economie, International Business Taxation master/LLM).

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Study with us

This unique approach has been translated into our Bachelor and Master programs. PLG makes an important contribution to the LLB and the LLM Law and the Global Law Bachelor and runs the programs: BSc Public Administration (in Dutch), BSc and MSc of Public Governance (in English), LLM International Law & Global Governance (in English) and LLM European Law and Global Risks (in English). 

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