Fiscal Institute Tilburg

Conference Fiscal State Aid 2018

On 23 February 2018 the project was closed with a conference on ‘New Perspectives on Fiscal State Aid: Legitimacy and Effectiveness of Fiscal State Aid Control.
This conference focused on one of the most debated issues at the moment: the legitimacy and effectiveness of fiscal state aid control. This issue will be treated in the framework of the evolving European legal and economic system, with the idea of pointing out the impact of these changes on fiscal state aid.


Introduction to the EU project

The Evolving European Economic and Legal System: Where does legitimacy of Fiscal State Aid Law Stand? (Session 1)

  • Cees Peters (Tilburg University)
  • Marnix van Rij (Senate of the Netherlands)


The Notion of Fiscal State Aid in the Evolving European Economic and Legal System (Session 2)


Fiscal State Aid and the Anti-Tax Avoidance Directives: What Role for National Judges (Session 3)


National Courts and the Effectiveness of State Aid Control in Recovery Procedures (Session 4)


Session 5  
Questions and debate