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Labor Migration Database

This database offers an up-to-date overview of available literature on the internationalization of the European labor market.


The Database Labor Migration is composed of three parts:

Database of scientific publications

This is an up-to-date overview of publications with short summaries of main insights for policymakers and researchers. All sources are tagged with keywords, allowing the user to easily find comparable resources within the database.


This series of accompanying papers provides insights into different aspects of labor migration, including who can be considered a labor migrant and the macro-economic effects of labor migration. The papers have been peer reviewed and are periodically updated to reflect current developments.


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1. Who is a labour migrant?
2a. Social Security and free movement: European coordination
2b. Social Security and free movement: Legal Loopholes
2c. Social Security and free movement: Welfare tourism?
3. Labour migration and substitution
4. Labour market frictions and migration
5. Provision of services and posted workers
6. Applicable labour law in case of posting of workers
7. Macro-economic effects of labour migration
8. Posting of workers in practice
9. Cross-border recruitment and artificial arrangements
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