Department of Private, Business & Labour Law (PBLL)

Welcome to the Department of Private, Business & Labour Law, at the crossroads of private relationships, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Our department aims to provide high-quality research and education in private law, business law and labour law.

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In the triangle of Private, Business and Labour Law our department conducts innovative and original research within our Signature Plan Connecting Organizations, connecting the key areas of expertise of our department, combined with Fiscal Law. In the Signature Plan we strive to better understand and improve how the law enables, supports and challenges private actors and technology-driven approaches of organizing and regulating economic activities in the pursuit of a sustainable society. We thus analyze the ways in which the law facilitates connections and the process of connecting between organizations and assess how the law can develop given these understandings.

Examples of earlier and current research are: the legal issues around blockchain applications in private law and business law, regulation of internet platforms and their relation to platform workers, liability for private regulation, how corporations strive for sustainability and more in general how financial, labour, and insolvency law structures the relationships between individuals, corporations, employers, consumers, non profit entities and employees.  

Our department is successful in securing research funding from, inter alia, personal funding from NWO, and funding from Horizon 2020. Our researchers have furthermore written research reports for, among others, the WODC and various ministries. Our researchers are active in national and international research. While our primary focus is on legal research, we actively encourage interdisciplinary research.

We stimulate collaboration in research and create added value for society by bringing the right people together to work on challenging and meaningful problems and by developing innovative solutions.

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In line with our research the department of Private, Business & Labour Law teaches a large proportion of courses in the bachelor and master of Dutch Law, and the Global Law Bachelor program. The Department furthermore coordinates and teaches the bachelor Dutch Business Law and the English master programs International Business Law and Labour law and Employment Relations. 

In addition, we provide a large number of courses within other programs of Tilburg Law School, and for Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Tias Business School and the Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (JADS).

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