Tilburg Inistitute for Private Law

Tilburg Institute for Private Law

The Tilburg Institute for Private Law (TIP) was the research center of the Private Law department at Tilburg University.

In the meanwhile, the research of the department Private, Business & Labour Law is among others embedded in the Signature Plan - Connecting Organizations

TIP aimed to promote high-quality research and teaching in private law, with a focus on Dutch and European private law. The research of the Tilburg Institute of Private Law focused on private law relationships in the broadest sense, with an emphasis on the position of private law in society.
It studied the ways in which contracts operate in society, how the rules for liability in tort law correspond to the needs of victims, how courts can design proceedings in family law cases, and how financial law and insolvency law can respond to questions arising in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Specific studies also looked at the interplay of Dutch and European law, with a particular focus on the role of courts and lawmakers in transnational dialogues.

  • Doctrinal research into private law relationships with a particular focus on Dutch law, but also including comparative legal research in Europe;
  • Methodological questions, with a particular focus on interdisciplinary research
  • International aspects of private law, looking at the interplay of Dutch and European private law, and exploring broader questions of transnational private regulation.