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TransLitigate: How transnational collaboration networks contribute to environmental litigation

TransLitigate is a multidisciplinary research project that aims to explain how transnational collaboration networks contribute to environmental litigation. The project combines doctrinal and socio-legal methods of analysis to identify how strategic litigators collaborate transnationally in and across cases working across four fields of environmental litigation: climate change, biodiversity conservation, pollution from extractives industries, and land conflicts.

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The research within TransLitigate focuses on identifying different modes of collaboration in which litigators engage, how their collaborative relationships effect their control over issues and decision-making in the development of litigation, and the profession-ethical complications of transnational collaboration. Through these veins of analysis, the project aims to account for the effects that such transnational networks have on the agency of environmental litigators.

Project title

TransLitigate: The Agency of Transnational Strategic Litigators in Global Environmental Governance

Themes covered

  • Environmental litigation
  • Climate change
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Pollution from extractives industries
  • Conflicts arising from large-scale land-transitions
  • Transnational legal studies


September 2022 – August 2027


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