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People department of Public Law and Governance

Overview of the employees of the Department of Public Law and Governance.

PLG Board

Board member Role
Nicola Jägers Head of Department
Merlijn van Hulst Head of Research
Michael Leach Head of Teaching
Gaby Coenen Manager of Department

Academic staff

Name Position & Expertise
Adams, L.H.J. (Maurice)  Full Professor: Constitutionalism, Constitutional state, Comparative research, Idealism
Aluko, A.O. (Ayobami) PhD researcher
Anderson, R.J. (Rosanna) PhD researcher: Environmental Damage, Territorial jurisdiction
Ansteeg Matyushkina, (Anastasiya) Researcher: Green Deal BOLSTER project
Arenas Orbegozo, M. (Myriam) PhD researcher: Environmental Law, Territorial jurisdiction, Human rights
Arnoldussen, N.T. (Tobias) Assistant Professor: Air quality, Spatial planning, Amplification, European environmental law
Augenstein, D.H. (Daniël) Associate Professor: Human rights, International human rights law

Augustinis Valle Machado Silva , J. (Juliana)

PhD researcher: Offense, Fraud, Sanction
Auz Vaca, J.G. (Juan) Researcher project TransLitigate
Balvert, A.L. (Annemarie)  PhD researcher: Data science, Administrative law
Bayamlioğlu. I.E. (Emre) Researcher: Governance and Constitutionalism in the Anthropocene 
Bazzan, G. (Giulia) Assistant Professor: Public Governance
Beck, M. (Malou) PhD researcher: Vulnerability in the Digital Administrative State
Bešić, A. (Alma) Lecturer: constitutional and administrative law
Bökenkamp, D. (Daniel) PhD researcher: CaPaNeS project 
Bot, M.T.J. (Michiel)  Accociate Professor: Law and Humanities
Braal, W. de  PhD researcher: Risk regulation, International market law, European Union law
Broers, E.J.M.F.C. (Erik-Jan) Assistant Professor: Legal history, History of Criminal law, Legal aspects of medieval literature
Bueno Patin, A.P. (Anaëlle) PhD researcher
Cavalcanti, M.F. (Maria) Assistant professor Jurisprudence
Claerhoudt, R.F. (Rens) PhD researcher
Clements, R.A. (Richard) Assistant Professor: International criminal law, International institutional law
De ruysscher, D. (Dave) Full Professor: Customs law, Municipal laws, 17th Century
Eijlander, P.  (Philip) Full Professor: Regulatory powers
Ergun, E. (Erkan)  PhD researcher: Election
Erol, N.M. (Merve) PhD researcher
Fernandez, C. (Christina) PhD researcher: Law of the sea, Ocean governance, Environmental law, Climate change law
Fleurke, F.M. (Floor) Associate Professor: European environmental law
Frins, R.H.W. (Ralph) Associate professor: Environmental law
Geuens, M.J.M. (Maaike) Lecturer: European Policy, European Institutions, Participation, Democracy, Citizens' Initiative
Gkliati, M (Mariana) Assistant profgessor: Asylum and migration law
Gonzalez Barrera, E.A. (Andriws) PhD researcher: CaPaNeS project 
Goodwin, M.E.A.  (Morag) Full Professor: International Law, Technology and ethics, Human rights, Developing countries
Gordijn, F.L. (Femke) PhD researcher: CaPaNeS project 
Grama, B.J. (Ben) PhD researcher: Human rights, Corporate social responsibility, International Public Law
Groenleer,  M. L. P. (Martijn)  Full Professor: Regional governance, Public governance, Climate & Energy, Globalization
Grover, L.K. (Leena) Associate Professor: International Law of Peace and Security
Gulecha, A. (Anmol) PhD researcher: Litigation, Diplomacy
Haag, M.F. (Maria) Lecturer: EU Constitutional law, Union Citizenship, EU Free movement and Migration Law
Hendriks, (Frank)  Full Professor: Democracy, Cultural theory, Political leadership, Police organization
Hermez, M.J. (Marta) Lecturer: Judicial systems, Policy processes
Herkes, F.J. (Feie) PhD researcher
Hollander, M. (Maurits) den  Assistant Professor: Institutional history, Legal history
Holleman, P.C. (Pieter) Lecturer Jurisprudence
Huisman, (P.W.A.), Pieter

Endowed professor of Education Law

Hulst,  M.J. (Merlijn) van Associate Professor: Ethnographic, Narrative Analysis
Iersel, M.W.T. (Max) van Lecturer
Jägers, N.M.C.P.  (Nicola) Full Professor (Head of Department): International law, Civil society, Human rights, Corporate social responsibility
Jóźwiak, M.E. (Magdalena) Lecturer: Global law
Kari, V.P. (Ville) Assistant professor: International law, Comparative law, Civil war
Karsten, N. (Niels)   Assistant Professor: Citizenship, Philosophy, Public administration, Public accountability
Kempeneer, Shirley Assistant Professor: Banking, European Union
Koenraad, R. (Rens) Lecturer: Administrative law
Koole, B.P. (Barbara) Researcher project CONTRA
Kranenburg, A. (Anieke) PhD researcher: European governance
Kuijvenhoven, M.P. (Martijn) PhD researcher: Constitutional and administrative law
Laarhoven van, J. (Joris) PhD researcher
Leach, M.C. (Michael) Researcher: Global law, Rule of Law, Banking
Leenknegt, G.J. (Gert-Jan) Associate Professor: Constitutionalism, Comparative law, Educational law
Leijten, A.E.M. (Ingrid) Full Professor: Dutch and European Constitutional Law
Leloup, M.R.G. (Mathieu) Assistant professor Constitutional and Administrative Law
Lesaffer, R.C.H. (Randall) Full Professor: History of law, Constitutional history,  Roman law, International law
Lindahl, H.K. (Hans) Full Professor: Sovereignty, Legal theory, Legal-political space, Representation
Lukkari, H.L. (Hanna) Assistant professor Legal Philosophy
Mai, L.A. (Laura) Researcher: Climate change law, Legal multiplicity, Anthropocene
Maleki, A. (Ammar) Assistant Professor: Policy transfer, Cross-cultural research
Mawar, D.R. (Deepak) Lecturer: International law
Meijknecht, A.K. (Anna) Assistant professor: International law, Legal persons law, Human rights
Mooi, R.J. (Remko)  PhD researcher: Constitutional law
Mooij, A. (Annelieke) Assistant professor: European Central Bank, Financial systems, European Institutional Law, FinTech
Muslu, Z. (Zülâl) Assistant professor Legal History
Oosterom -Staples, H. (Helen) Assistant professor: Citizenship, European law, International law, Migration law
Ostaaijen,  J.J.C. (Julien) van  Assistant professor: Administrative reform, Public administration, Urban governance, Populism
Paiement, P.M. (Phillip)  Associate professor: Environmental law, Globalization, Transnationalism
Palombo, D. (Dalia) Assistant Professor: Human rights, Environmental rights, Extraterritoriality and transnationality
Peters, T. (Dick) Assistant professor: Environmental law
Petersmann, M.C. (Marie-Catherine) Researcher: International law, Ecology, Anthropocene, Ecological philosophy
Piirsalu, A. (Anette) Lecturer: International law
Poorter, J.C.A. (Jurgen) de Full Professor: Constitutional law, Administrative law
Pranger, R. (Rob)  Lecturer: Public administration
Rajkovic, N.M. (Nik)  Full Professor: International law, International politics, Globalisation
Ranchordás, S.H. (Sofia) Full Professor: Constitutional law, Administrative law
Raucea, C. (Chiara) Assistant professor: Citizenship, European Union, International terrorism
Rodriguez Vidosa, M. (Miguel) PhD researcher
Roy Chaudhuri, N. (Nairita) PhD researcher
Schyff, G. (Gerhard) van der  Associate professor: Comparative law, Constitutional law, South African Constitutional law, Church state relations
Shulina, E. (Ellen) Lecturer: Europeanization, EU accession
Singh, S. (Sahib) Lecturer: International law
Sipiorski, E.M. (Emily) Assistant professor: International economic law
Sipma, T. (Take) Researcher: Voting right, Immigration, Unemployment
Somsen, J. (Han) Full Professor: Environmental law, European law

Stapper, E.W. (Michiel)

Assistant Professor: Urban development, Private ordering, Public policy making
Starrenburg, J.M. (Julia) PhD researcher REDRESS project
Stork, T. (Tim) Lecturer
Timmermans, N. (Nora) Assistant professor Legal Philosophy
Trouwborst, A. (Arie) Associate professor: International wildlife law and policy, Environmental law, International law
Veenstra, J.P. (Julius) PhD researcher
Veld, C.M. (Marco) In 't Lecturer: Legal history
Vermeer, M. (Malu) Lecturer
Verschuuren, J.M. (Jonathan)  Full Professor: International and European Environmental law, Climate change law
Vonk, S.E.C. (Sophie) PhD researcher: Constitutional and administrative law
Wagenaar, C.C.L. (Charlotte) Researcher: Democratic innovations, Referendum design, Electoral administration
Weber, B.S. (Brandt) Lecturer
Wetering, S.A.L. (Simone) van de PhD researcher: Internalization, Stigmatization
Wilthagen,  A.C.J.M. (Ton) Full Professor: Labour law, Social security, Mobility of labour, Labour market policy
Wolf,  E.E.A. (Eva) Assistant professor: Policy conflicts, conflict escalation
Wolswinkel, C.J. (Johan) Full Professor: Administrative law, European law, Law and economics
Zouridis,  S. (Stavros)  Full Professor: Public administration, Public management, Rule of law

Visiting Researchers

Çalıcı, E.C. (Elif) PhD researcher
Külüşlü, E. (Emre) PhD researcher

Support staff

Coenen, G.A.N. (Gaby) Manager of Department
Haren, S.P.J. (Sabine) van  
Heuvel, S. (Sandra) van den  
Houben-Allard, N.F.B. (Nathalie)  
Kouwenberg, M.A.H. (Mirjam)  
Leenheer, R. (Rik)  
Marchand, N.S. (Nicolle)  
Overbosch, A.S. (Anneke)