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Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

TILT is one of the leading research groups in Europe at the intersection of law, technology, and society. It is premised on the multidisciplinary study of socio-technical change, aiming at understanding the interaction of technology and social and normative practices, in order to clarify how regulatory challenges of socio-technical change can be addressed.


As prominent researchers in the domain of law, technology, and society, it is both our pleasure and responsibility to pass on our knowledge and expertise to future generations. Responsible innovation, guided by legal and ethical frameworks, is a prerequisite for a healthy and flourishing society. Therefore, the research within TILT forms the basis for multiple courses taught in different educational programs.

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TILT is unique in bringing together the diversity of disciplines, perspectives and methodologies, to create a holistic and all-encompassing picture of socio-technical change in selected industries. Its different approaches are connected through three driving questions of what the challenges for regulation are, how these challenges should be regulated, and who are and should be the actors involved

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At TILT we deeply care that our work makes an impact. Our research and education activities aim at engaging with and making impact on society, policy-making, economy and innovation. Our network of partners from government, policy-making, research centers, civil society, and industry, ensures that our work is relevant not only to the research community, but to a broader audience.

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