Data protection

TILT seminar: Cristiana Teixeira Santos

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Online (Ms Teams)

Your Consent Is Worth 75 Euros A Year – Measurement and Lawfulness of Cookie Paywalls

Most websites offer their content for free, though this gratuity often comes with a counterpart: personal data is collected to finance these websites by resorting, mostly, to tracking and thus targeted advertising. Cookie walls and paywalls, used to retrieve consent, recently generated interest from DPAs and seemed to have grown in popularity. This paper explores the current state of using cookie paywalls on the most visited websites of the central European countries and presents a typology of such mechanisms. It also provides the first legal analysis of the application of cookie paywalls in Europe based on the existing regulations and the issued regulatory decisions and guidelines by different data protection authorities.


Cristiana is an Assistant Professor Law at Utrecht University. She holds a joint international Doctoral Degree in Law, Science and Technology (University of Bologna) and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science (University of Luxembourg). Her PhD thesis focused on modeling relevant legal information using computational ontologies. Previously, she was a postdoc at INRIA. Prior to joining academia, she worked as a lawyer and worked as a legal advisor and lecturer at the Portuguese Consumer Protection Organization- DECO. Cristiana works in the field of privacy and data protection law. Her research interests center around online tracking, automated privacy signals, dark patterns and the right of access. The goal of her research is to make legal information structured and actionable for legal compliance, for models and tools. She extracts legal requirements from legal sources, and, with this domain knowledge, Cristiana collaborates with computer scientists and designers to identify the technical requirements for a concrete technology. Her drive is to discover problematic practices from organizations through case-studies and inform policy makers with ground-based analytical research to address gaps in law & tech and enable user empowerment. Cristiana collaborates with INRIA PRIVATICS Team on online privacy, and she is an Expert of the Data Protection Unit, Council of Europe.


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