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TILT seminar: Dr. Katja de Vries, Uppsala University, Sweden

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Hybrid: M1003 and MS Teams

The Data Governance Act and the proposed Data Act: let the data flow, let yourself go – but how?


Could data be generating more economic and societal value than it currently does? Data holds the promise of feeding the multitude without a supernatural biblical miracle: unlike fish or loaves of bread it is a non-rival good that can be re-used infinitely. Yet, data reuse is limited. Data is often locked away, monopolized by one single actor. How can we stimulate economically and societally beneficial data re-use and make access and use fairer, without infringing on data protection and intellectual property rights? The Data Governance Act (in force since June 2022, applicable September 2023) and the proposed Data Act are the two main legal tools through which the EU attempts to solve this challenging regulatory task (cf. A European Strategy for Data, February 2020). In this talk I will present first, an overview of these legal instruments and their ideal of alternative data exchange infrastructures (DGA) and a redistribution of data wealth (proposed DA). Second, I will go beyond abstract political ideals and look more concretely at which problems these tools try to solve: EU data sovereignty, increased global competitiveness, extending the longevity of smart devices through repairability, etc. Third, I’ll identify some hurdles in making new legal notions like “data intermediaries” and “data altruism” work in practice.


Speaker: Dr. Katja de Vries

Katja de Vries is an assistant professor in public law at Uppsala. Her current research focuses on the challenges that AI-generated content ('deepfakes' or 'synthetic data') poses to data protection, intellectual property and other fields of law.

Moderator:  mr.dr. Colette Cuijpers

Attendance is free.

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