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TILT Seminar: Dr. Imrat Verhoeven (University of Amsterdam)

Date: Time: 13:00 Location: Room M 1003 and MS Teams

JustPrepare: working on an effective and just energy transition in underprivileged neighbourhoods


In underprivileged neighbourhoods, attempts to realize the energy transition face two mismatches: 1) between retrofit technologies and residents’ energy practices, and 2) between residents and those actors planning and implementing solutions. These may hamper the energy transition in terms of both effectiveness and justice. An effective and just ET thus requires a bottom‐up perspective to rethink and further develop thematic agendas for municipalities, housing corporations and other institutional actors; repertoires of interface technologies, renovation strategies and governance arrangements; insight into the diversity of current and future resident needs and practices each may serve; and methods to develop or check such insights in multiple cases.


Speaker: Dr. Imrat Verhoeven

Imrat Verhoeven is assistant professor of Public Policy at the UvA and co-leader of the JustPrepare project.


ModeratorDr. Gjis van Maanen


Attendance is free.

To register for this event please contact tilt-events@tilburguniversity.edu.