Completed PhD Research TILT

Overview of completed PhD Research at TILT.


Mitigating Botnets: Regulatory solutions for industry intervention in large-scale cybercrime

PhD Candidate Karine E Silva
Supervisor Prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops
Co-supervisor Dr. N.N. Purtova LLM MSc

What could be the contribution of certification to data protection regulation?

PHD Candidate Eric Lachaur

Prof. R.E. Leenes

Prof. dr. C. Stuurman

Surveillance and privacy in smart cities and living labs: Conceptualising privacy for public space

PhD Candidate Maša Galič

Prof. dr. Ronald Leenes

Prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops

Daily supervisors

Prof. dr. Eleni Kosta

Dr. Tjerk Timan

Identiteitsvaststelling van verdachten en illegale vreemdelingen door opsporingsdiensten

PhD Candidate Clemens Willemsen

Prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops

Dr. B.H.M. Custers


Informationele zelfbeschikking in de zorg

PhD Candidate Theo Hooghiemstra

Prof. mr. Corien Prins

Prof. mr. Carin Ippel

 Online gambling in the EU: from data protection to gambler protection

PhD Candidate Dusan Pavlovic

Prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops

Mr. Dr. Colette Cuijpers

Legitimacy challenges of online gatekeeping in the Chinese social media platform

PhD Candidate Lulu Wei

Prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops

Prof. Morag Goodwin

The Competitive Order for the New Economy: Lessons from the Telecommunications Experience

PhD Candidate Dmitrii Trubnikov

Prof. dr. Ronald Leenes

Prof. P. Larouche

Prof. M. Kiškis


Protecting the privacy of youths on the internet

PhD Candidate Milda Macenaite

Prof. mr. Corien Prins

Prof. dr. Eleni Kosta

Contesting rights: bioconstitutionalism and the debate on preimplantation genetic diagnosis in Italy

PhD Candidate Volha Parfenchyk

Prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops

Dr. S.A. Adams


A socio-techno-legal study of makers and hacktivists

PhD Candidate Michael Dizon

Prof. dr. Ronald Leenes

Prof. dr. Bert-Jaap Koops


Watermerken als juridisch bewijsmiddel: Een onderzoek naar de effectiviteit van digitale watermerken als juridisch

PhD Candidate Sander Gellaerts


Het risico van de mobiele burger. Publieke mobiliteitssurveillance voor informatie over het gaan en staan van burgers

PhD Candidate Charlotte van Ooijen

Social Dimensions of Privacy: An Empirical Study

PhD Candidate Wouter Steijn

Law and the absorptive capacity of developing countries

PhD Candidate Hanna Weijers

Protecting digital personae to protect the privacy of individuals?

PhD Candidate Arnold Roosendaal

Transborder Data Flow Regulation in Data Protection and Privacy Law

PhD Candidate Christopher Bart Kuner


GMOs in Europe, Law, Technology and Public Contestations

PhD Candidate Naveen Thayyi

Recht doen aan privacy verklaringen. Een juridische analyse van privacyverklaringen op internet

PhD Candidate Eric Vehelst


Binding Corporate Rules: Fixing the Regulatory Patchwork of Data Protection

PhD Candidate Lokke Moerel

The potential of online text-based communication to support interest-based dispute resolution

PhD Candidate Jelle van Veenen

Propertization of personal data: a European perspective

PhD Candidate Nadezdeha Purtova


Fertile Grounds: The Facilitation of Financail Identity Theft in the United States and the Netherlands

PhD Candidate Nicole van der Meulen

De rationaliteit van de klantgerichte overheid

De rationaliteit van de klantgerichte overheid Marcel Hoogwout


Forensisch DNA-onderzoek. Een balans tussen opsporing en fundamentele rechten

PhD Candidate Merel Prinsen


Strafvorderlijk onderzoek van telecommunicatie

Translation: Criminal procedure & wiretapping

PhD Candidate Arno Smits

Interconnection Regulation and Contract Law

PhD Candidate Serge J.H. Gijrath


De productketen geïnformeerd. Een onderzoek naar de regulering van de informatievoorziening met betrekking tot de milieuaspecten van producten in productketens

Translation:  The product chain informed. A study on the regulation of the information supply concerning environmental aspects of products in product chains

PhD Candidate Tom de Wit


The Power of Knowledge. Ethical, Legal, and Technological Aspects of Data Mining and Group Profiling in Epidemiology

PhD Candidate Bart Custers

Privacyrecht of privaatrecht? Een privaatrechtelijk alternatief voor de implementatie van de Europese privacyrichtlijn

Translation: Privacy law or private law? A private-law alternative for implementing the European Data Protection Directive

PhD Candidate  Collete Cuijpers


Electronic Payment Systems and Money Laundering. Risks and Countermeasures in the Post-Internet Hype Era

PhD Candidate Ton Schudelaro


Internationale on-line overeenkomsten. Internationaal privaatrechtelijke aspecten van on-line business-to-business en business-to-consumer overeenkomsten in Europa en de Verenigde Staten

Translation: nternational on-line contracts. Private-international law aspects of on-line B2B and B2C contracts in Europa and the US

PhD Candidate Simone van der Hof

Een onderzoek naar de betekenis van het begrip 'privacy' in het Nederlandse en Amerikaanse recht

Translation: The right to privacy. A research on the meaning of the concept of 'privacy' in Dutch and US law

PhD Candidate Peter Blok


Data mining, het toetsen van beslisregels en privacy

Translation: Data mining, examining decisional rules, and privacy

PhD Candidate

E. Schreuders

Aansprakelijkheid van Internetaanbieders

Translation: Liability of Internet providers

PhD Candidate M.H.M. Schellekens

User Protection in IT Contracts, A Comparative Study of the Protection of the User Against Defective Performance in Information Technology

PhD Candidate Clarisse Girot


Interfacing between Lawyers and Computers. An Architecture for Knowledge-based Interfaces to Legal Databases

PhD Candidate

L.J. Matthijssen


The Crypto Controversy: A Key Conflict in the Information Society, The Hague: Kluwer Law International

PhD Candidate

B.J. Knoops


Caring for Privacy. Information technology and informational privacy in health care

PhD Candidate

Sjaak Nouwt


Representing Legal Rules in Deontic Logic

PhD Candidate

Lambèr Royakkers