Staff TILT

Staff TILT

Management Team

Lavrijssen, Saskia

Head of Department

Schiffelers, Bart

Business Operations Manager

Broer, Tineke 

Director of Studies

Graef, Inge 

Director of Research

Kosta, Eleni 

Research Team leader, Fundamental rights and technology team

Monti, Giorgio 

Research Team leader, Competition and innovation team

Taylor, Linnet 

Research Team leader, Governance team

Kamara, Irene 

Research Coordinator

Dalla Corte, Lorenzo 

PhD Officer

Support staff
Dubach-Pataki, KrisztinaEducation Support
Dun, Marlou vanManagement/ Office Assistant
Genk, Maartje vanCommunication & Events
Ven, Petra van derManagement/ Office Assistant
Ajmera, Pratham Cybersecurity, Data Protection, AI, Platform Regulation, Copyright 
Bassini, Marco Human Rights, Privacy and Data Protection, Freedom of Expression, Artificial Intelligence, Platform Regulation 
Baumgart, Max Energy Law, Competition Law and Regulation in Digital markets, EU Economic Law 
Bex, Floris Artificial Intelligence, Data Science: Sustainability, Privacy and Security 
Bijlmakers, Stephanie Standardization, Human Rights, Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Governance, Legitimacy and Polycentric Governance. 
Boom, Jasper van den Competition Law, Regulatory Theory, Data Economy and Data-Protection Law 
Borowicz, Konrad Debtor and Creditor rights, Micro-finance, Regulating Financial Markets 
Bostoen, FrisoCompetition Law, Digital Markets.
Brewczyńska, Magda Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity, European Criminal Law, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Policies 
Broer, Tineke Healthcare, Technology and Regulation, Online Health Practices, Digitalized Suicide Prevention 
Cuijpers, Colette Privacy and Data Protection, Legal Aspects of Digitalization and Innovation, Regulation of and by Technology 
Dalla Corte, Lorenzo Privacy and Data Protection, Proportionality, Surveillance, Cybersecurity, Open Data and PSI Reuse 
Degalahal, Shweta Privacy, Data Protection, Data Governance, Artificial Intelligence, Regulatory Theory 
Delimatsis, Panos International Economic and EU law, EU Market Regulation and Governance, International Trade, WTO law 
Dongen, Lisa van Intellectual Property Law, Innovation, Law and Economics 
Espinosa-Apraez, Brenda Regulation and Data-driven Innovation, Regulation of Network Industries 
Gargne, Léo International Trade Law, International Investment Law, and Arbitration  
Geradin, Damien Competition Law, Platform Markets, Patents and Market Relations, Commercial Practices 
Graef, Inge Competition, Platform Regulation, Data-driven Innovation 
Groot, Aviva de Epistemic Justice, Social Robots in Healthcare, Automated Decision-making, Responsibility 
Haak, Donovan van derPhilosophy of Technology, Technomoral Change, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Ameliorative Analyses
Halliday, Paul Intellectual Property Law, Innovation, Human rights, European Copyright Legislation 
Hancher, Leigh Shadow law-making, ACER, Terms and Conditions 
Hert, Paul de Privacy and Technology, Criminal Law, Surveillance, Data Protection, Human Rights 
Hriscu, Ana Privacy and Data Protection, Data Justice, Biometric ID Systems 
Hrynkiv, Olga International Trade Law, National Security, and Investment Law 
Iersel, Max vanCompetition Law, Digital Markets, Innovation, Law and Economics
Jones, LucasHuman Rights, Healthcare, AI
Khan, Haroon Bilal AI Ethics, 3D Printing Technology, Techno regulation, Firearm Manufacturing 
Kamara, Irene Cybercrime, Human Rights, Cybersecurity, Technical standards, Data Protection 
Kaschny, Laura EU law, German law, Energy Justice, Environmental law, Competition law 
Keymolen, Esther Technology, Philosophy, Liability, Responsibility, Accountability, AI 
Koops, Bert-Jaap Cybercrime, Cyber-investigation, and Privacy & Data Protection 
Kosta, Eleni Human Rights, Privacy, Data Retention and Protection, EU Law 
Kuru, Taner AI, Ethics, Healthcare, Emerging Technologies 
Leenes, Ronald Regulatory Governance, Techno-regulation, Regulatory Intervention, Cybersecurity, AI, Robotics 
Lim, Charmian Legal AI, Natural Language Processing, Data Ethics, Machine Learning 
Lopez Solano, JoanCritical Data studies, Data Justice, Automated Decision-making Systems, Migration and Asylum management, Social Protection Systems
Maanen, Gijs van Data Governance, Science and Technology Studies, Political Philosophy, Data Ethics, Methodology 
Mendis, Sunimal Copyright law, AI, and Platform Governance 
Meyers, Gert Sociology of Markets, Sciences & Technology Studies (STS), Governmentality Studies, Performativity, Actor-Network Theory 
Moerel, Lokke Global Cyber Security, Binding Corporate Rules (BCR), Data Protection Law 
Monti, Giorgio Competition Law, Digital Markets, Data Protection, Media Regulation 
Noorman, Merel AI, Robotics, Governance and Regulation, Democracy
Nusselder, Suzanne Cybersecurity, EU law 
Öner Kabadayi, MerveEducation, Competition Law, Data-related competition issues, Digital Platform 
Park, Noelle-Ann Education, Cybercrime
Petročnik, Tjaša EU Governance and Regulation, Health Data, EU Competition Law, Economic Regulation 
Prins, Corien AI, Judiciary, Digital Autonomy, Privacy and Personal Data Protection 
Puri, Anuj Rule of Law and AI, Legal Contestation of AI Decision-making, Attentional Privacy, Moral Algorithms  
Rijp, Abigaïl de Cybersecurity, Privacy & Data Protection 
Rooij, Lisa Regulatory Governance Mechanisms, Cyber Security, Data Breach Liability, Cyber Insurance 
Roussos, Manos Anti-money Laundering, Privacy and Data Protection 
Ruhela, Shanya Banking Regulation, Financial Crisis, Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Basel III 
Sande, Jolien van deAutomated decision-making, healthcare governance and regulation, public values, sociology, public administration
Schellekens, Maurice Intellectual Property Law, Liability Law, Mobility Sector, Datafication, Society 
Schendel, Sascha van Data Protection, Data Sharing, Smart Energy, Human Rights, Criminal Procedural Rights 
Schepers, TynkeArtificial Intelligence, Ethics, Algorithmic Governance, Public Values
Sloot, Bart van der Protecting Autonomy, Public-Private Relationships, Spy Products, Personal Data, Privacy Protection 
Souza, Siddharth de Socio-legal design, Access to Justice and Technology and Law, and Development 
Stanojević, Antonia  Social Psychology, Political Psychology, Political Sociology 
Taimur, Aimen Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Neuroethics, Algorithmic Regulation, Cognitive Freedom 
Taylor, Linnet Data Governance, Global Justice, Data Economy 
Wickramanayake, Shakya Economic Regulation, SoS, Infrastructure Sectors, Public Values, Governance Principles, Welfare 
Ziaka, AlexandraArtificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Business and Human Rights, Freedom of thought, Neurotechnology, Privacy 

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