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Once a TILTie, always a TILTie. Former staff members automatically become TILT Alumni when they leave us. We aim to maintain close links to our alumni. The position of TILT alum was created to display our connection and stimulate interaction and collaboration with practicing lawyers or researchers.

We are committed to making TlLT attractive to all alumni and are eager to work with you to ensure that it is the case. So, while the Alumnus status is a badge of honour, we would like former colleagues to remain more active collaborators through programmes such as the Research Associate programme.

The Alumni status is established in principle automatically upon leaving the department of TILT. Whether one wants to carry the status is up to the individual. Our Alumni are listed on the TILT member pages on the website. Please let the TILT secretariat know if you do not want to be listed here. For this position no university resources will be offered. There are other positions available for which this will be organized, such as becoming a visiting scholar.

Please find below a list of people that were connected to TILT as they worked with us.

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TILT Alumni

Academic Staff
  • Berti Suman, Anna
  • Krupiy, Tetyana
  • Partiti, Enrico
  • Pernot-Leplay, Emmanuel
  • Pierce, Robin
  • Purtova, Nadya
  • Roosen, Marijke
  • Ruiz-Feases, Alexandre
  • Sharma, Gargi
Student assistants
  • Alarcon, Roxane
  • Braggaar, Djara
  • Luijkx, Margot
  • Stolle, Lien
  • Subramanyam, Shravan
Support Staff