Tilburg Law School

Global Law book series

In 2015, Cambridge University Press launched the Global Law Series. This series was an initiative of faculty members of Tilburg Law School.


The aim of the series is to provide unique perspectives on the way globalisation is radically altering the study, discipline and practice of law. The series explores those bodies of law that are becoming global in their application, and the newly emerging interdependency and interaction of different legal systems. It covers all major branches of the law and includes work on legal theory, history and the methodology of legal practice and jurisprudence under conditions of globalisation.


The series aims to provide two different formats of exploring the contours of global law: scholarly monographs, innovative books that push forward our understanding of the study and practice of law in the context of globalisation; and volumes designed for teaching at both the bachelor and post-graduate level.


List of books

  • Neil Walker, Intimations of Global Law (2015)
  • Dafna Hacker, Legalized Families in the Era of Bordered Globalization (forthcoming, 2016)
  • Hans Lindahl, Global Entwinements: Theorizing the Emergence of Global Legal Orders (forthcoming, 2017)

Series Editors