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Love and Virtues in Business and Economics – ERGO Xtra II Symposium

What is the role of trust, empathy and love for good leadership in our contemporary economy and society? Does economic freedom enhance manager’s intrinsic motivation for CSR or is it better to enforce CSR through government regulation? Should economics and business education programs pay more attention to the moral education of students? What inspiration for better leadership can we get from different world views and religious traditions? These questions will be discussed by various speakers during ERGO Xtra II, a symposium on 11 June 2018 from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm at Tilburg University.

During ERGO Xtra II a link is made between different disciplines such as economics and philosophy, and also between theory and practice; both scholars and business professionals contribute to program. Participation in ERGO Xtra II is open to everyone with an interest in the subject: researchers, students, policy makers and business professionals.

Lans Bovenberg and Johan Graafland (Tilburg School of Economics and Management), Paul van Geest and Marcel Poorthuis (Tilburg School of Catholic Theology) contribute to the program from Tilburg University. Marcel Canoy, who is distinguished lecturer ESAA, will lead the discussion and ensure the inclusion of views from participants in the event.

The morning program of ERGO Xtra II is in Dutch, the afternoon program in English. Participation is free, but registration is mandatory.

The ERGO Xtra II symposium is the second event in a planned series of five, an initiative of the ERGO Network (Economy, Religion, Governance, Organization). This is an interdisciplinary network of economists, philosophers and theologians from Tilburg University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and VU University Amsterdam.

More at ergonetwerk.nl/en/ergo-xtra-ii-2018

When: 11 June 2018 09:30

End date: 11 June 2018 18:00