Tilburg Law School

Workshop: Climate Justice and the Business of Energy Transition

Date: Time: 13:30 Location: S8 (Pavilion)


On Monday, March 30, we organize an open forum for brief presentations on justice and human rights concerns in the context of the energy transition. With this event we create a space for academics and practitioners to share thoughts about innovative issues in energy and climate policy and law. We hope to achieve a dialogue so our speakers can share perspectives about both the potential risks and opportunities for social justice and human rights posed by the transition to sustainable energy consumption. The speakers are EU and climate law researchers, practitioners and policy makers.

In conjunction with:

  • Netherlands Network of Human Rights Research
  • Constitutionalizing the Anthropocene Project
  •  Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology & Society


Introduction & Welcome

Dr. Leonie Reins, Assistant Professor, Tilburg Law School

13:30-15:40 Session 1

Dr. Charline Daelman, Social Sustainability Expert, Amfori

“The Human Rights Implications of the Renewable Energy Transition”

Prof. Dr. Marjan Peeters, Professor of Environmental Policy and Law
Towards an effective EU climate law: in search of (non-)compliance

Dr. Gokce Mete, Head of Knowledge, Energy Charter Secretariat
“The Role of Renewable and Low Carbon Gases in the Energy Transition”

Dr. Seita Romppanen, Senior Lecturer in International Environmental Law, University of Eastern Finland
“It is green, it is fair? EU climate laws' controversy over bioenergy sustainability”

Maud Sarlieve, International Criminal Lawyer & Founding Member of CTRL-Z, Lecturer, Université Paris Nanterre

Holding extractive industries responsible for their contribution to climate change: could the International Criminal Court be an option?

15:40-16:00 Coffee & tea break

16:00-17:30 Session 2

Giuseppe Nastasi, European Investment Bank
The European Investment Bank: Europe’s Climate Bank

Dr. Megan Bowman, Associate Professor, Direct of Climate Law & Governance, King’s College London

"Legal Readiness for Climate Finance”

Dr. Kaisa Huhta, Senior Lecturer in EU Law, University of Eastern Finland

“The Just Transition Fund in EU Law”

Prof. Dr. Harro van Asselt, Professor of Climate Law and Policy, University of Eastern Finland

“Designing a European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism”


Dr. Phillip Paiement, Assistant Professor, Tilburg Law School


Participation is free and open to all interested researchers.