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Witteveen Memorial Fellowship 2018 awarded to Kelly and Vicky Breemen

The fourth Witteveen Memorial Fellowship has been awarded to Kelly and Vicky Breemen. Kelly Breemen is currently finalizing her PhD thesis on the protection of indigenous peoples' traditional cultural expressions at the University of Amsterdam. Vicky Breemen is in the last stages of writing her dissertation on the relationship between libraries and copyright at the same university.

They will use the Fellowship period to conduct research on a joint multidisciplinary project pertaining to new ways of sharing and accessing traditional cultural expressions via digital libraries and the historical, ethical, cultural-political and legal issues involved. They will spend a few months at our university in the spring.

Tilburg University has established the annual Witteveen Memorial Fellowship on Law and Humanities in order to commemorate the life and work of Professor Willem Witteveen, who died in the MH17 disaster in Ukraine in July 2014. The fellowship aims to enable a junior scholar (PhD or postdoc level) to further develop his or her research in the area of law and humanities during a visit to Tilburg University.

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