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March 15: TEP talkshow on character education

Published: 10th March 2022 Last updated: 10th March 2022

On March 15 from 4:00-4:50 p.m., a talk show will be organized on the Tilburg Educational Profile TEP, particularly on character education. Special guest (among others is) dr. Ammar Maleki (Assistant Professor TLS).

TEP, with its educational pillars Knowledge, Skills, Character, has been implemented in education in recent years. However, teachers indicated that they had difficulty to flesh out the concept 'character' in particular in their lessons. To meet their need for more information and practical tips, a number of best practices have been collected. This collection is called TEP Toolbox. On the occasion of the launch of this TEP Toolbox, an online talk show will be organized about the practice of teaching according to TEP. In particular, the talk show will highlight character education from different angles.

You are invited to attend this online Teaching Meeting.


For more information and registration, please check the website.