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Global Law@Tilburg

Global Law@Tilburg is a faculty-wide project exploring the study and practice of law in a global era.

It is now widely accepted that the forces of globalization pose a fundamental challenge to the discipline and practice of law. This challenge is not confined to those traditional areas of law that focused on trans-border encounters, such as international law or commercial law; instead, even those fields of law previously perceived as domestic, such as family law or labour law, are in need of re-conceptualization in the face of these challenges. What globalization ultimately means for us as legal scholars and teachers is that it is no longer possible to focus solely on the law of a single jurisdiction or system, whether that system be domestic, regional or international. Yet the challenge is more through-going than simply affecting fields of legal study; rather, it impacts on our standard assumptions about law and the function of law itself. This of course has major implications for the way in which we study, teach and practice law.

These challenges demand a new way of conceptualizing law for a global era. Today, the study of law requires re-thinking in order to see, and take account of, the strange multiplicity of legal relationships in the age of globalization that we label ‘global law’.

Global Law@Tilburg brings together teaching and research, students and faculty in a shared project.

Call for Applications: Transnational Law Summer Institute

The King’s College London’s Transnational Law Summer Institute will be co-hosted with the University of New South Wales in December 2017. Advanced PhD studetnts and junior faculty members at Tilburg Law School are encouraged to apply.

For more information see: www.kcl.ac.uk/law/tli/tlsi/index.aspx

If you are interested in applying, please contact Prof. Morag Goodwin or Dr. Phillip Paiement for further details.