Tilburg Law School

Global Law Bibliography

The Global Law Bibliography is an ongoing initiative to catalog the scholarship which continues to shape the field of global law. At this initial stage, the aim is to collect monographs, edited volumes, articles, journals, special issues, and book series which have played an influential role in founding and defining global law as a distinct field of scholarship and research. This project involves Tilburg faculty members as well as students on our LL.B. Global Law program.

Since this field of scholarship is still relatively young and emergent the Global Law Bibliography does not claim to be an exhaustive bibliography, instead it aims for functionality by focusing on the most influential works in the field. Reflecting the field of global law scholarship, the Bibliography is an interdisciplinary initiative that includes texts from sociologists, anthropologists, economists, political scientists, historians, and philosophers, among others.

While the first version of the Global Law Bibliography is under development, we have developed an initial Primer in Global Law. The Primer is an abbreviated list of influential global law scholarship to help depict the origins of this new field of study.

The first full Global Law Bibliography can be expected in Spring 2016.