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LL.B. Global Law

In September 2013, Tilburg Law School launched its L.L.B. Global Law. This program, which is fully taught in English, prepares students for an international career in law. In place of focusing on a single legal system, as traditional legal education does, the LL.B. Global Law considers law as a global phenomenon. In the program, the major subjects of law are studied from a global, transnational and trans-systemic perspective, whereby the most important legal traditions and systems of the world are studied alongside transnational and global developments. While the program is orientated towards real world problems, there is ample room for methodology and the program has a strong interdisciplinary dimension.

Having completed the LL.B. Global Law, students can move on to specialize in one legal system, focus on one of the branches of international/transnational law, or enter a research master.

The Director of Studies for the LL.B. Global Law is Prof. Randall Lesaffer.

English-Language Master programs

In addition to the LL.B. Global Law, Tilburg Law School offers seven Master's Programs. These programs all contribute to TLS’s mission to study law in the global context. Interdisciplinary in orientation, these programs provide students with the opportunity to specialize in a given subject, such as technology and society, victimology or international business law.