Tilburg Law School

Quality Tilburg Law School

Law in Tilburg: a choice for quality and personal attention in a compact institution.

Tilburg Law School provides a qualitative high level of education combined with innovative teaching, supervision and learning facilities. In order to maintain standards, annual evaluations are held after every course has finished and there is a panel comprised of students and staff who discuss the content and organization of the educational programs. Students are provided with a good support system. This begins in the first year when the students are divided into groups assigned to a student advisor.

Professional and enthusiastic lecturers provide lectures and seminars in a clear and thorough manner. The lecturers are inspired by their high quality academic research and strive to combine this with their awareness of current developments in law and society. There are state-of-the-art IT facilities: take a look at the Montesquieu Learning Centre . It is always possible to speak to lecturers or study advisors about anything concerning your study program or studying in general. If you choose to study in Tilburg, every student is given individual attention!