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FAQ Regulatory Governance Conference 2016

Conference Folder and Webfolder

The conference folder – listing sessions, participants, social activities, maps and all you need to know - will be in you conference bag. You will receive this bag upon registration at the Registration Desk in the Foyer.  You can also access the same folder online.

Please resist printing the Webfolder. You will get a full color print folder on the spot after registration!

From the airport

Take a train to Station Tilburg Universiteit. This is a tiny station, a five minutes’ walk from the University’s campus. You will likely have to change trains at Station Breda or Station Tilburg if you come from Brussels or Schiphol.

Station Tilburg Universiteit or Station Tilburg

Station Tilburg Universiteit is located at a five minutes’ walk from campus. This is where you want to go!  It is a tiny station that is frequently served by trains that run between Tilburg Station and Breda Station.  Station Tilburg (no Central in it!) is the city’s main train station and served by many trains coming from all over the country. Most likely you need to change trains here to Tilburg Universiteit Station. The ride is only four minutes. If you buy your train ticket, make sure the end destination is Tilburg Universiteit.

Arriving on campus by train

Coming from Station Tilburg Universiteit, you have to walk some 500 meters. Get out at the right side (that is track 1) and walk to the right. Find the small allay and turn left. Just ask for directions, or follow fellow passengers. After 200 meters or so, you will see some tall buildings. You are approaching the campus.  Walk towards the (car-free) pedestrians’ Avenue that runs through it.  Head for the tallest building (that is K), leaving building A, M, D… behind you on your left hand side. Building A, with its special shape (two floors and a lot of glass) should always be in your back. Head for building K and walk through the large revolving door. Continue straight, through the glass corridor, and you’ll end up in the Registration Area of building C.

Arriving by car

Your destination is Warandelaan 2, Tilburg. Park your car at the large parking lot. You know this is the right car park if there are a lot of trees at one side, and buildings at the other. Walk towards the tallest building, which is K. Go through the large, glass revolving door. Keep left and walk through the glass corridor. You now enter building C. Continue straight and you’ll walk in a large hall, called the Foyer. The registration desk is in this hall and well indicated.

From your hotel Auberge du Bonheur to campus

If you are staying in Auberge du Bonheur, you are indeed lucky. Follow the public road, the Warandelaan, down to the campus. It is just a couple of minutes. The Faculty Club is to the left. The campus is to the right. To go to building C, take right and find the entrance of building K. Walk through the large revolving door, keep left and walk through the glass corridor. This corridor connects K and C. You will walk right into the Foyer.

From the hotels Mercure & City Hotel in the city center to campus

Tilburg’s center is 4 km from campus. You can walk from the center to the campus in about 50 minutes. Most people use public transport however. Mind you that ‘door to door’ transport by train or bus easily takes up to 35 minutes. 

You can take the train from Station Tilburg to Station Tilburg University. The ride is only 4 minutes but you’ll need a ticket (most stations have gates that you need to unlock with your ticket!). You can also take buses. Buses run more frequently than the trains and will drop you off closer to the campus. From Tilburg train station – which is a five minutes’ walk from the city center –  take bus number 4. Get off at bus stop 'Universiteit van Tilburg'. You can also take bus number 2, 4 or 131 to bus stop 'Conservatoriumlaan': from there on you need to walk some 400 meters along the Professor Cobbenhagenlaan. All bus stops are indicated electronically in the bus. Pay the driver on the spot. Use Google Maps: just type in ‘Warandelaan 2, Tilburg’ as destination, select route and Google provides you with a list of transport options and very accurate times.

Building K or C?

Sessions, plenary, lunches and more take all place in building C, short for Cobbenhagen.  Building C is low and has an architecture that echoes Le Corbusier.  Building C is accessible in two ways:

  1. from the public road, the Hogeschoollaan, you turn left, taking a small path.  You walk some 200 meters through patches with trees and the University’s main garden. You will pass the rectangular pond. The building is right in front of you. You take the door left or right.
  2. most likely you will access building C through building K.  Building K is the tallest on campus. Go through the large, glass revolving door. Keep left and walk through the glass corridor. At the end, continue straight and you’ll walk in the Registration Area.

Cycling to the Welcome Reception @ La Trappe Abbey?

See the Reggov2016 Facebook page!


Centrale Midden Brabant is a reliable partner for those seeking private transport. Call a taxi at +31 (0)13 583 83 83. Keep in mind that taxis are way less common that in the US and other parts of the world. You need to call at least one hour before you need the transport. This waiting time may be even longer at peak times, such as Friday nights.

Maps of building C

It all happens here: registration, sessions, roundtables, plenary, lunches,…

ECPR locatie faq

Social events tips: welcome reception and conference dinner

Welcome reception at La Trappe Abbey: gather at the parking lot behind building C. Be on time. The buses leave at 17:20, right after the Roundtables. Buses leave again at 19:00 from the Abbey and will drop you off at campus or in the city center. Be warned: only fingerfood is foreseen at the reception. If you are still hungry and want to have dinner, head into town. There are hardly any restaurants in the near vicinity of the campus. The few options on campus close early.

The Conference Dinner is at the Faculty Club (Building F) (see the campus map). This is a low building with lots of glass. Leave building C through the glass corridor, and once out, you turn left. Walk straight for some 200 meters and you will see the building on the left. The dinner is actually a walking dinner/BBQ in the garden of the Faculty Club.

Both reception and dinner are largely ‘alfresco’, outdoors. Take a light jacket. Weather forecast looks good: sunny and partly cloudy, with (high) temperatures in the low 70s F or low 20s C, but evenings can be somewhat chilly.

You can store your luggage temporarily in a locked room during these two social events. The luggage room is next to the Foyer. Enquire at the Registration Desk.


Link to Facebook page

Find it in FB by typing ‘Reggov2016’ or click the link above. Please like and share!