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Program Regulatory Governance Conference 2016


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On Wednesday 6 July, late afternoon, two round tables are organized. A first one deals with challenges and opportunities of teaching regulation and governance. A second one elaborates on the interdisciplinary nature of regulatory governance research in relationship to empirical legal studies, legal sociology, criminology, public law and more. In the evening, a welcome reception is hosted at Abdij Koningshoeven. This abbey is one of the few authentic Trappist breweries in the world. Return transport from the conference site is provided.

Prof. Benjamin van Rooij (University of California – Irvine) will be delivering the keynote address at 4 pm, Thursday 7 July.  This keynote lecture is followed by the conference dinner. During the dinner, the awards for both outstanding junior and senior regulatory governance scholarship are given. First up is the Giandomenico Majone Prize for the best conference paper by a junior scholar. Next, Julia Black is awarded the Standing Group Award for Regulatory Studies Development. She will address the audience with a short speech on her work on regulatory governance.

Two more roundtables take place on Friday 8 July at 11 am. One roundtable comments on international organizations and regulatory reform. The other focusses on approaches to US and European regulatory regimes.

 We are looking forward to meet you all on the green campus of Tilburg University.