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PhD in Law

After you have completed a Master program it is possible to obtain a doctorate at Tilburg University. A PhD project is research training leading to a professional research qualification. You will have two supervisors, or more, to help and advise you. Your doctorate is a demonstration of your ability to do research independently.  Due to our international orientation the majority of PhD candidates write their thesis in English. In that case we require a reasonably high proficiency in spoken and written English.

Tilburg Law School is increasingly internationally oriented, which is reflected in the curriculum, the exchange and research programs. There are close ties with universities abroad and Tilburg Law School encourages its researchers to work abroad and publish in international journals.

PhDs are invited to attend various TGLS training sessions. During our educational program starting researchers are trained to improve their personal professional and research skills. Tilburg Law School values thorough supervision tailored to your individual needs. An employed PhD candidate is entitled to financial support through a personal PhD budget. The PhD council of Tilburg Law School represents the Law School's PhD candidates.  This platform keeps track of developments affecting the position of PhD candidates and maintains contact with the director of Tilburg Graduate Law School.

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