Tilburg Law School

FAQ PhD application procedure Tilburg Law School 2019-2020

Research proposal / nomination (letter)

Will an application be considered when a nomination letter is missing?
Is there a limit to the number of potential PhD candidates that a professor can nominate?
Does the nominating supervisor need to be a staff member of Tilburg University?
Do applicants search for their own potential supervisor? Can the Graduate School provide a list of all potential supervisors and their contact details?
Does a candidate have free choice of research subject/research proposal topic or should the proposal fit within the scope of a “framework" topic provided by the supervisor?
Is there a format for a research proposal?
Can different kinds of professors that is full professors, associate professors and assistant professors at Tilburg University nominate a candidate?
Do potential supervisors at Tilburg provide feedback/supervision regarding the preparation of the proposal?
Is a nomination letter the same as a reference letter?
Is there a specific format or content needed regarding the nomination letter?
All the contacted professors replied that they are supervising other PhD candidates. What should I do?

Master diploma

I have not obtained a master diploma yet. However, I expect to finish my master program in the current academic year before September 1. Am I eligible for your positions?

English test

Which English tests are accepted as proof of English proficiency?
Is it always compulsory to submit the results of an English test?
In order to complete the PhD application at Tilburg University is it possible to submit the English certificate at a later stage?


My CV is slightly different from the European style. Is this ok or do you recommend to adjust it to the European style?

Written work

What written work am I expected to submit?


Do I have to provide recommendations?
Do both recommendations have to be academic recommendations?


What does the interview look like?
What does the pitch look like?
When do the interviews take place?
Is it possible to attend the interview through Skype?
Can I claim travel costs to Tilburg?

Planning procedure

Is it possible to postpone the deadline of the application?
Who is part of the selection committee?
When do the interviews take place?
When do the positions start?