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Education Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) offers bachelor and master degree programs in psychology and the social sciences.

About 4500 students follow a TSB degree program. In the bachelor as well as in the master programs the School's international focus is prominent. Offering four English taught bachelor programs and sixteen English taught masters TSB attracts students from all over the world.

Prospective bachelor students  choose from eight bachelor degree programs (four English taught and four Dutch taught).

TSB offers 21 master degree programs, two of them research masters, one (unique) two year master's program in Medical Psychology, four double degree programs and one Academic Teaching Program in Social Sciences.

Three pre-Master's programs offer graduates in higher professional education a specific series of training courses that guarantee admission to one of the master degree programs, on condition of successfully completion. With some higher professional institutes agreements are signed leading to direct admission to the master program of their choice for selected students after following a special learning route.

Study at Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

If you choose for one of our educational programs in psychology or social sciences at Tilburg University, you intend to follow a study that helps you to a better understanding of the complexity of modern society. You want to learn how to support the solution of problems connected with this complexity on an individual, institutional or organizational level.

Your future vocational career will allow for a variety of possibilities: from health care manager to professional care provider, and from policy advisor to company owner.

Intensive and small-scaled

TSB is a relatively small School cherishing a long tradition in offering educational programs with a strong scientific focus. We pursue the highest quality of research and education and we require a great deal of effort from our students. The small scale of our institute offers lots of opportunities for contact between students themselves and between students and teachers. We provide excellent student guidance.

Broad perspective

All our educational programs are characterized by a multidisciplinary, broad approach. Our social sciences programs also bring into focus psychological and philosophical views and our psychology programs in return pay attention to perspectives from the social sciences and from philosophy. All programs are distinguished by a high-quality and intensive methodological learning line.