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The Value Creation, Capture & Sharing in Organizational Networks Conference - October 19 and 20, 2023

Date: Time: 12:00 Location: Seats2meet Tilburg

The Tilburg Research Center for Network Impact at Tilburg University is proud to organize its inaugural Research Conference on value creation, capture, and sharing in organizational networks.

The goal of this conference is to share knowledge and best practices and to motivate research and knowledge production that will foster organizational networks for social impact in Europe and the world.

Goal of the conference

Societies and organizations are increasingly confronted with multifaceted and ill-defined problems that are beyond the ability of a single organization to tackle. Therefore, many organizations (for-profit firms, public and non-profit organizations alike) cooperate in networks to pool resources and work together to create, capture, and share collective value.

Even though such organizational networks are often heralded as the solution to large and complex (global) problems, they bring many challenges of their own. Because the collective value creation only partially overlaps with the individual value creation of the participating organizations, conflicts of interest often arise. Other problems pertain to exclusion, legitimacy, problems of collective action, loss of organizational autonomy, and high transaction and coordination costs. Many organizational networks lack (clear) decision structures, and authority, and the mandates of these networks are often poorly understood by the actors involved. As a result, many organizational networks are dissolved or go dormant without reaching their desired goals or generating externalities. The aim of this conference is to better understand how organizational networks can overcome these challenges to create, capture, and share value and generate impact.

Important dates
  • July 3, 2023 (12:00 CET): Submission deadline for abstract/short paper (up to 500 words) to; the submission should detail which of the authors intend to attend the conference upon acceptance of the paper.
  • July 31, 2023 (12:00 CET): Notification of decision of acceptance of the conference.
  • September 29, 2023 (12:00 CET): Deadline to submit extended abstracts (up to 3,000 words) or full papers to
  • October 19-20, 2023: Conference time!
Keynote speakers
Conference program
12.30 hrs. Conference opening
13.00 hrs. Keynote Dovev Lavie
14.00 hrs. Coffee break
Paper session 1: Aspects of Network Governance
14.30 hrs.PolzerAccountability in Collaborative Public Governance in Times of Crisis. Analysing the Discussion in a Polarised Social Forum
15.00 hrs. Wegner, Verschoore & DiasImplementing Collaborative Governance to Enhance Water Protection: The Role of Micro-governance
15.30 hrs. PankowBridging the gap: Exploring the paths to accountable purpose-oriented networks
16.00 hrs. Coffee break
Paper session 2: Cross-sectoral partnerships
16.30 hrs.StadlerAnd If We Attained our Goal: The Challenges of Winding Down a Cross-Sector Partnership
17.00 hrs.Sobrepere et al.Navigating Complexity and Novelty: A Stakeholder Governance Framework for Public-Private Partnerships
17.30 hrs.Mannak et al.When to up the Ante in R&D Consortia? A Mediation Analysis of the Network Experience – Innovation Outcomes Nexus in the Water Sector
18.00 hrs.  To diner venue
18.30 hrs. Conference dinner
Friday, October 20, 2023
Paper session 3: Network Formation and Continuation
09.00 hrs.Zhang & AvenReplicating Network Advantage: Exits Mechanisms and Formation of Structural Role Complementary Syndicate in Venture Capital Investment
09.30 hrs.Martini et al.Multiplex Ties in Interorganizational Knowledge Exchange: An ABM Exploration
10.00 hrs.CloudtShould I Stay or Should I Go? An Empirical Study on Collaboration Continuance Factors in a Goal-Directed Social Impact Network
10.30 hrs. Coffee break
11.00 hrs.KeynoteJill Purdey
12.00 hrs. Lunch break
Paper session 4:  Networks Working for Transformation 
13.00 hrs.Tasselli & GerbasiBreaking the Glass Ceiling of Racio-Ethnic Network Inequality A Longitudinal Network Experiment
13.30 hrs.Smulders, Markus & RommeEcosystems as Levers for Transformation in Mature Industries: A
Case Study in the Dutch Poultry Industry
14.00 hrs.Ertan & SicillianoGender, Network Cognition, Public Administration and Policy
14.30 hrs. Coffee break
Paper session 5: Networks and Outcomes
15.00 hrs.Smit et al.Variation, Selection and Retention of Knowledge and Network Innovative Performance: The Effect of Node Turnover, Network Integration and Field Stability
15.30 hrs. Smolders et al. How Does Work Design Affect the Effectiveness of Network Collaboration for Crisis Response in Youth Services?
16.00 hrs.Chappin et al.Open Innovation Facilitators: Exploring the Drivers of Value Capture by Business Incubators
16.30 hrs. Conference closing
Organizing committee

A cooperation between the Department of Organization Studies, the Department of Management, and the Department of Public Governance at Tilburg University, the Netherlands


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Seats2meet in Tilburg's LocHal, is located right behind Tilburg's train station. 
The address is:

  • Seats2meet Tilburg LocHal
    Burgemeester Broxlaan 1000
    5041 SG Tilburg
    Phone: + 31 13 2084052


Dinner venue

You may like the following hotels for your stay in Tilburg during the conference:

  • Van der Valk Tilburg
    This hotel has 150 comfortable bedrooms, 10 meetings rooms, a restaurant and bar. This hotel is not easily reached by public transport.
    Buses will be arranged to take participants to the venue.

    Rooms can be booked via:
    Code: Networks2023

    Dr. Bloemenlaan 8
    5022KW Tilburg

  • Mercure Hotel Tilburg Centrum
    Mercure Hotel Tilburg Centrum is located in the city center of Tilburg and is within walking distance of the conference venue.

    Heuvelpoort 300
    5038DT Tilburg

    Hotel guests can park with a discount in parking garage Heuvelpoort. You can validate your parking ticket at the reception of the hotel.