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Organization and management Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


The faculty is chaired by the Management Team with the Dean as integral final responsible and consists in the base of departments and the Faculty Office


  • The Management Team of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) consists of the following members: the Dean, the Vice- Dean for Education, the Vice-Dean for Research, and the Managing Director.
  • Directors of Research Units are responsible for the various research programs.
  • Academic Directors are responsible for the quality control and planning of the educational programs.
  • Heads of Departments are responsible for the organization and coordination of the department’s educational and research programs.
  • The School Council gives advice to the Management Team, both when asked and at its own initiative.
  • The School`s Regulations contain general regulations and rules on the organization and administration, and on employee and student participation.
  • Each program has an educational committee, 50% of which is made up of members of the academic staff and 50% of students.
  • The School  has two Examination Boards, namely the Examination Board Psychology and the Examination Board Social Sciences.
  • The Advisory Board advises the School’s Management on issues regarding the embedding of education and research in society at large.
  • The Tenure and Senior Committee (TaSC) advises the dean on the appointment and promotion of assistant professors and associate professors.


For questions to the Management Team, please contact Monique Vermee or Denise Rijnen, Management/Office-Assistants.