Department Cognitive Neuropsychology

Lab Facilities

The laboratory of our department comprises eight sound attenuated cabins.

We also have access to the Life Span Lab of Developmental Psychology at our university for testing interactions between participants (e.g. mother and child).

Behavioral measurement

  • Each cabin is equipped with a PC workstation; a 240 Hz monitor; two loudspeakers; a multifunctional response and stimulus device (Chronos®), and E-prime 3.
  • For immersive stimulus presentations we use a virtual reality headset (Oculus Rift CV1).
  • For the recording of eye movements we use the head-mounted EyeLink Eye-Tracking System.


  • We have six BioSemi EEG systems (four 64 channels systems; two 32 channels systems) of which two 64-channel systems can be daisy chained, allowing for EEG hyperscanning.
  • The EEG hyperscanning set-up also includes two shotgun microphones and three cameras.


  • We have access to a 3 Tesla Philips Achieva MRI scanner (with standard 32-channel radio-frequency head coil, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital, Tilburg, the Netherlands) for collection of (f)MRI data.

Data analysis

  • EEG analysis is done predominantly in Brain Vision Analyzer, Matlab, Besa statistics and SPSS and R.
  • For (f)MRI data analysis, we mainly rely on Matlab, SPM, FSL, Python and MRtrix.