Tilburg University department Developmental Psychology

Winterschool: 5 day course on Intensive Longitudinal Methods

Date: Time: 09:00 Location: Campus Tilburg University

Intensive longitudinal methods, often called experience sampling, daily diary, or ecological momentary assessment methods, allow researchers to study people's thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in their natural contexts.

  • Date: 13 December 2021 - 17 December 2021
  • Time: 5 days from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Location: Tilburg University, the Netherlands (on campus)

The course

Intensive longitudinal methods typically involve self-reports from individuals, dyads, families or other small groups over the course of hours, days, and weeks. Such data can reveal life as it is actually lived and provide insights that are not possible using conventional experimental or survey research methods. Intensive longitudinal data, however, present data analytic challenges stemming from the multiple levels of analysis and temporal dependencies in the data. The multilevel or mixed-effects model for longitudinal data is a flexible analytic tool that can take account of these complexities, and the goal of the workshop is to provide training in its use.

Winterschool Intensive Longitudinal Methods

Drawn from the presenters' recent book, Intensive Longitudinal Methods: An Introduction to Diary and Experience Sampling Research (2013; Guilford Press). Course topics will include: (a) history of intensive longitudinal methods and designs; (b) analyzing the time course of continuous outcomes; (c) analyzing within-person causal processes for continuous outcomes; (d) dyadic intensive longitudinal data; (e) modeling the time course and causal processes for categorical outcomes; (f) psychometrics of intensive longitudinal data; (g) statistical mediation; (h) power analyses for intensive longitudinal studies. The course will include lectures, software demonstrations, and data analysis practice with example datasets and, if relevant, participants’ own data. Various software packages may be used, including SPSS, SAS, and/or R, but there will be an emphasis on Mplus. We recommend using the latest version of Mplus (8.6), and at least Mplus version 8.3.


  • Prof. Niall Bolger - Columbia University New York
  • Prof. Jean-Philippe Laurenceau - University of Delaware

Niall Bolger and Jean-Philippe Laurenceau are the authors of the book "Intensive Longitudinal Methods: An Introduction to Diary and Experience Sampling Research". More information about the book...


Participants are requested to bring their own laptop for lab meetings.

Target audience

For graduate students, postdocs and other researchers who have done intensive longitudinal studies or are planning them and want to learn more about state-of-the-art study design and data analysis. The workshop is suitable for starters, but a basic knowledge of statistics is required.

Course on campus

The workshop will take place on campus of Tilburg University, the Netherlands. We will offer an online alternative if the course cannot take place as scheduled, due to COVID regulations.


To spare the environment, we only provide digital course material (a few days before the start of the course).

Good to know

  • It concerns a 5-day workshop.
  • The workshop is a mix of lectures, exercises, and data sets.
  • Based on the whole book 'Intensive Longitudinal Methods: An Introduction to Diary and Experience Sampling Research'.


If you would like to attend the conference, please register before November 15, 2021 (max. 40 participants), via:

Registration form

Participation in the winterschool costs 600 euros, including lunch. The HSRI provides a full funding for max. 20 researchers at Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, with the aim of increasing the knowledge on intensive longitudinal methods in the school. Are you a researcher at TSB? Please contact tesc@tilburguniversity.edu for more information, and do not use the registration form.


This course is organized by the Herbert Simon Research Institute (HSRI) and Anne Reitz from the department Developmental Psychology of Tilburg University, with organizational support from Tilburg Experience Sampling Center (TESC).

If you have any questions regarding the winter school, please send an email to Anne Reitz (DP) or Sandra Boer-de Jong (project manager TESC) at tesc@tilburguniversity.edu.