Tilburg University department Human Resource Studies

Department Human Resource Studies

The department of Human Resource Studies, located in the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, takes a balanced approach in studying the exchange relationships between employer and employee at different levels of analysis and both from the perspective of the employer and the employee.

Our department collaborates on the Herbert Simon Research Institute research themes adaptive societes, organizations and workers; healthy life span; and personalized prevention and care and the Impact Programs Health & Wellbeing and Resilient Society.

Our HRS department carries out research in four research labs: 

Aligning strategic HRM, well-being and performance

Enhancing worker health and well-being over the lifespan

Learning, development, and the strengths-based approach

Inclusive HRM

Our department has a strong international focus, with a strong institutional linkage with prestigious research centers. Furthermore, a part of the HRS department is the People Management Center which serves as a platform for global HR excellence to connect staff and students of the HRS department at Tilburg University, TIAS Business School and the business partners in the HR field.

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