Tilburg University department Human Resource Studies

Expertise Group dynamics and diversity

In most organizations, people work together in teams. Not all teams are always successful or effective. This is due to different group dynamics and the extent of diversity within a team. On the one hand, group dynamics is a broad concept and covers the actions, processes and changes that occur in and between groups and in and between individuals of these groups. Diversity, on the other hand, concerns the differences of individuals on a lot of dimensions. For example, people can have a different background, age, gender, etc. But they can also differ in characteristics, preferences, behaviors, and so on. Both group dynamics and diversity have an impact on performance which is why it is so important for organizations to take these topics into account.

Group dynamics and diversity covers the following:

  • Diversity management programs & effectiveness
  • Work-life balance
  • Older workers
  • Team diversity & performance
  • Conflict management

Our staff members are experts on this area:

  • Marloes van Engen
  • Charissa Freese
  • Dorien Kooij
  • Renee de Reuver
  • Rene Schalk