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Jaap Paauwe interviewed about HR in times of reversed globalization

Published: 11th July 2019 Last updated: 11th July 2019

Jaap Paauwe was interviewed in a CHRO article about HR in times of reversed globalization. Events like the Brexit and an increasing number of politicians pleading for closing the borders makes it seem like we’re in a time of reversed globalization. Open borders are crucial for HR in acquiring talent. A threatened and impoverished middle class that sees many migrants settling in their home country, have become much more nationalistic.

On the other hand migration has made acquiring talent easier. Jaap expects an important role of loyalty in the phenomenon that an increasing number of companies are considering moving their business to countries that offer more opportunities. He expects that loyal and talented employees will follow their employer. These developments will lead to a stronger quantification of personnel and a closer collaboration between finance and HR. Jaap thinks the solution is in technology. A gig economy will help make talent globally transparent.

However, mobility seems to be a challenge for HR in making this possible.

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