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Marloes van Engen interviewed about the gender pay gap

Published: 11th July 2019 Last updated: 12th July 2019

Marloes van Engen was interviewed by Brabants Dagblad. In this article the pay gap between male and female scientists at Tilburg University was discussed. The monthly salary of female scientists is, on average, €175,- lower than that of their male colleagues. Among professors, this gap is even bigger, accruing to €372,-. According to Koen Becking, director of the executive board, this situation is contradictory to our diversity policy. Right now, Tilburg University first wants to further map these pay differences.  Measures depend on the outcome. Unfortunately, Tilburg University is not the only one with a gender pay gap. Nationally speaking, women, after correction for age, function-category and –level, earn, on average, €53,- less than men.

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