GO-LAB Gedragsfysiologisch Onderzoekslaboratorium

Labfacilities GO-LAB

The GO-LAB enables an innovative multi-method approach, including extensive peripheral psychophysiology, continuous recording and analysis of non-verbal and facial emotional expressions, self-report and salivary hormone collection.

The lab equipment includes the following:

  • Biopac equipment: To continuously measure electrocardiography (ECG), impedance cardiography (ICG), heart rate variability, blood pressure, electrodermal activity (EDA), respiration, respirational depth and surface electromyography (EMG)
  • Media Recorder: The lab is equipped with Noldus Media Recorder that enables you to record your video files in sync. By recording your video files in sync, you do not have to manually synchronize them. You can record videos in Media Recorder while conducting live observations in The Observer XT or analyze videos off line (after they have been recorded). Simultaneous video recordings can be made of multiple test subjects, enabling continuous recordings of non-verbal and facial emotional expressions in diverse settings (Observer XT, Facereader).
  • Observer® XT: This is a professional and user-friendly event logging software package by Noldus for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data. It supports the entire workflow of a research project, from setting up the experiment, designing the ethogram, gathering data, data analysis to the presentation of your results. Observer XT enables the researcher to efficiently use micro-analytic coding and analysis which is not feasible with manual methods. Moreover, the software enables lag sequential analysis.
  • Facereader: This device by Noldus provides users with an objective assessment of a person’s emotion. Eight emotions are distinguished based on the composite activation of 12 facial “action units”. In addition, FaceReader analyzes the valence of facial expressions, gaze direction, head orientation, and facial states such as: eyes open/closed, mouth open/closed, and eyebrows raised/neutral/lowered.