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Meta-Research Day 2019

Date: Time: 09:00 Location: Tilburg University

The Meta-Research Center at Tilburg University is excited to announce the Tilburg Meta-Research Day on Friday November 22, 2019 at Tilburg University!

The goal of this day is to bring together those who are interested in studying or discussing the current state of academic research. To that end, we would like to welcome meta-researchers, researchers from other fields, but also people who are not primarily engaged in research like journal editors, science journalists, and scientific policymakers.

The day will consist of plenary talks by Sarah de Rijcke, Ana Marušić, and John Ioannidis, as well as two time slots with parallel sessions. In the parallel sessions people come together to discuss, plan, or work on a specific meta-research project. We invite researchers with a strong focus on meta-research to lead these sessions. The idea is to start with a short introduction by the session leader about the state-of-the-art in a specific meta-research topic. The session leader will then lead a group discussion about how meta-research can resolve pressing issues related to that topic. If you would like to lead one of these sessions, please send us an e-mail (metaresearch@tilburguniversity.edu) with a short description of the research topic you want to discuss.

Plenary speakers

John Ioannidis

     Meta-research in different scientific fields: What lessons can we learn from each other?

Ana Marušić    

     Reviewing Reviews: Research on the Review Process at Journals and Funding Agencies

Sarah de Rijcke    

     Research on Research Evaluation: State-of-the-art and practical insights

Parallel sessions

  • How can meta-research improve peer review? (Session leader: Ana Marušić)
  • How can meta-research improve research evaluation? (Session leaders: Sarah de Rijcke & Rinze Benedictus)
  • How can meta-research improve statistical practices? (Session leader: Judith ter Schure)
  • How can meta-research improve our understanding of the effects of incentives on the efficiency and reliability of science? (Session leaders: Sophia Crüwell, Leonid Tiokhin, & Maia Salholz-Hillel)
  • How can meta-research improve the Psychological Science Accelerator (PSA) and how can the PSA improve meta-research? (Session leaders: Peder Isager & Marcel van Assen)
  • How can we ensure the future of meta-research? (Session leader: Olmo van den Akker)
  • Many Paths: A new way to communicate, discuss, and conduct (meta-)research (Session leader: Hans van Dijk & Esther Maassen)

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The registration fee is € 15 and includes coffee, tea, and lunch.

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If you have any questions regarding the Tilburg Meta-Research Day, feel free to contact us via e-mail: metaresearch@tilburguniversity.edu.