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Education Department Methodology and Statistics

Minor Applied Advanced Research Methods for Bachelor Students

The M&S minor is intended for bachelor students in the social sciences with special interest in applied statistics for empirical research and who wish to improve their educational profile with a more research based background. The minor Applied Advanced Research Methods will be interesting for students in the social sciences (Human Resource Studies, Organization Studies and Sociology) and psychology, and students from other Schools who want to learn more about the application of advanced qualitative and quantitative methods for empirically investigating social or behavioral research questions. The minor includes the following subjects:

  1. Advanced topics in causal analysis
  2. Advanced topics in psychological and sociological measurement
  3. Applied mathematical statistics for the social and behavioral sciences

For more information about the minor MTO, students can contact the program director of MTO dr. Jesper Tijmstra .

Minor Methodology and Statistics for Research Master Students

The minor Methodology and Statistics trains promising students to become researchers in Methodology and Statistics within the social and behavioral sciences. The minor is embedded within the Research Master in Social and Behavioral Sciences. During the two-year, English-taught program, students will follow state-of-the-art courses and be involved hands-on in our research through internal traineeships, an international traineeship, a first-year paper, and the Master's thesis.

After completing the two year Research Master program, students will be an all-round researcher who can apply for a PhD position (in methodology and statistics but also in other fields of social and behavioral sciences), or work in research institutions and companies such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS), CITO, and The Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP).