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Intelligent Unlock: Business resilience during and after the covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has been about stopping the spread of the corona virus. Now, it is time to design “intelligent unlock” strategies. This research examines how small and medium business owners in The Netherlands are adapting their businesses to build up resilience.


Organizations from across all sectors face high uncertainty due to the introduction of 1.5 meter economy regulations and changes in societal values and market preferences. Evidence-based strategies are desirable to the reboot of the Dutch economy; and these are not widespread yet.


To address this problem, we started KOLIBRIE - Collaboration for Business Resilience in Industries. KOLIBRIE collects data about the consequences, challenges and new ideas in business due to the Covid-19 virus. Collaboration between organizations is at the center of our approach.


Value for You

If you are a business,

  • To learn about what businesses in your sector are doing;
  • To unlock your business potential through collaboration (e.g., value chain);

If you are a branch organization,

  • To develop a free tailored survey of your members
  • To share evidence-based advice with your membership

Why a Kolibrie?

Do you know why we call our project Kolibrie? The Kolibrie (‘hummingbird’) celebrates entrepreneurs’ defining characteristics.

  • The Kolibrie is the smallest migrating bird capable of flying long distances >> entrepreneurs’ endurance and resilience
  • The Kolibrie is the only bird that can fly backwards >> entrepreneurs’ agility and flexibility
  • The Kolibrie’s wings beat between 50 and 200 flaps / second >> entrepreneurs’ tireless commitment to make their business a success

Ride out uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 virus instead of being overpowered by it!

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Ismail Arslan (Student of Master in Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University)
Mobile: +(31) 06 53470111

Nadia Chrigui (Student of Master in Sociology, Tilburg University)
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Epco  Berger (CEO PureGrit)
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