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Educational Committee Psychology

Each study program has an educational committee (in Dutch: Opleidingscommissie, OLC) consisting of an evenly number of staff and student members. The committee meets once a month. The Director of Education attends these monthly meetings.


The PC has two main tasks:

  • Advising on the Education and Examination Regulations (EER, in Dutch: Onderwijs- en examenregeling: OER)
  • Solicited and unsolicited advising the Director of Education on all matters concerning the educational program.

The PC plays an important role in monitoring the quality of the educational program. Therefore for example the results of the student evaluations of the courses, compiled after completion of each block, are discussed in the PC.


In this academic year the PC consists of the following staff and student members:

Staff members:

Student members:

  • C. (Claudia) Hofstee
    1st year Bachelor Psychology
  • J. (Joshua) van Bokhoven
    2nd year Bachelor Psychology
  • A. (Andreaa) Bîrgâoanu
    3rd year Bachelor Psychology
  • C. (Caro) Jacobi
    Master Psychology and Mental Health
  • C. (Charlotte) den Ouden
    Master Medical Psychology
  • L . (Lars) Fransen
    Board Member Complex

You can contact the Program Committee at:
Reports of the OLC-meetings can be requested via this e-mail address.
The OLC receives administrative and secretarial support from the Education Support Team (EST).

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